Sparkling Wine Bottled

After a few months in the fermenters it was finally time to bottle the Sparkling wine. I bought a fresh case of 12 new bottles from the supply store, while the ole’ lady was drinking a few bottles so I we could get the 15 we needed. Which also means I’m able to follow directions because the instructions said we would get 15 bottles and thats exactly what we got!

The wine looked nice and clear in the secondary fermentor. We were careful not to suck up any of the yeast sediment when racking it to the bottling bucket, where the priming sugar was already waiting. I had boiled some water and added the priming sugar to get it all dissolved so it would mix in with the wine easier. Now the residual yeast in the wine will consume the sugar we just added and give our bubbly the bubbles.

Christmas and New Years is fast approaching, Buying and that is the projected date for this Sparkling wine to be ready to drink. Upon bottling it need about 4-6 weeks to properly carbonate, but with the colder temperatures we have it may take just a bit longer. So to be save I’ll wait 2 months and then pop a cork.

Sparkling Wine

This is the Degassing step on our “New Millennium” Sparkling wine. This is a 3 gallon kit from Wine expert, and is very simple. The wine has already been in the Primary fermenter and then racked to a secondary. It has now been sitting in the secondary for about 10 days, after being in the primary for a little over 3 weeks. Now we just have to wait appoximately 2 weeks for the wine to clear before bottling. I hope to bottle at the end of October, which will the give the wine about 2 months to bottle condition before we crack one open on New Years Eve.